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Exploring the Advantages of Push-to-Talk over Cellular(PoC) Communication

September 27 , 2023

In recent years, the concept of public safety has gained paramount importance in society, leading to ever-increasing demands for advanced communication solutions. Push-to-Talk over cellular(PoC) technology has emerged as a versatile and popular communication tool, leveraging the infrastructure of telecom operators to provide cluster walkie-talkie functionality. Its rapid growth has given rise to a robust industry ecosystem, challenging traditional private network-based cluster communication systems.

Push-to-Talk over cellular(PoC) has garnered widespread popularity for several key reasons, making it a preferred choice for various industries:



Global Coverage:

PoC utilizes the infrastructure of telecom operators, ensuring coverage wherever network services are available. This extensive coverage far surpasses the limited range of traditional push-to-talk, including private network-based PDT, TETRA, and DMR systems, which require costly network deployment and maintenance. PoC simplifies this by leveraging existing network resources, reducing operational expenses.



While PoC users do incur data usage costs, the overall cost remains relatively low. The diverse range of PoC terminal devices is more affordable compared to private network-based walkie-talkies. Additionally, PoC eliminates the need for expensive network construction and maintenance, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.


Multimedia Capabilities:

PoC devices utilize 4G/5G networks from telecom operators, allowing them to integrate various multimedia features. In addition to voice communication, PoC supports video functions such as video calls, video streaming, video conferencing, and live broadcasting. These multimedia capabilities can be tailored to specific use cases, maximizing the potential of PoC devices.


Rich Functionality:

PoC devices offer a wide array of features, including GPS location sharing, instant messaging, phone functions, broadcasting, emergency plans, audio and video recording, and streamming capabilities. These rich functionalities can accommodate a broad range of business requirements and industry-specific needs, empowering users with versatile tools.



Public Network Integration:

PoC can seamlessly integrate with private network-based cluster communication systems, facilitating convenient public-private network communication. This is especially valuable in industries requiring expanded coverage, capacity, and capabilities. For instance, in chemical plants, airports, ports, and other sectors, PoC integration enhances interconnectivity and communication.



Convenient Dispatch Management:

PoC systems typically include dispatch management features that simplify command and control. They can be used for daily dispatch, production scheduling, emergency command, and more. Deploying and configuring PoC systems is straightforward, requiring minimal investment to establish a comprehensive platform integrating public network cluster communication, voice, video, monitoring, GPS positioning, recording, emergency planning, and more.


Public Network Push-to-Talk (PoC) has gained widespread acceptance due to its global coverage, cost-effectiveness, multimedia capabilities, rich functionality, integration potential, and user-friendly dispatch management. Its versatile deployment options make it accessible to a wide range of industries, allowing users to select PoC solutions that best suit their application scenarios, functional requirements, and budget constraints.

The future of PoC communication is bright, with continued advancements and innovations enhancing its capabilities and further expanding its reach across industries.

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