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All of our body worn cameras are 2 in 1 body worn camera and also push to talk radios with 4G and WIFI capabilities. 4G/5G body worn camera features video recording in 1080P Full HD resolution photo capturing, audio recording, and can live-stream the realtime video to the control center through built-in Wi-Fi or 4G. The body camera is rugged and durable design, with IP68 water and dust proof rating and passed MIL-810G 2 meters drop tested, making it perfect for outdoor harsh environment. Body worn camera supports GPS and Beidou positioning, the management can track the frontline officers realtime location and their working route

Nowadays, it’s common to see body cameras worn by police, security, and other professionals for law enforcement and also in hotels, retail venues, schools, hospitals, and even the people worked in manufacturing, on-field staff or in public transport.

Body-worn cameras will help to deter anti-social behaviour and crime, safeguard personnel against accusations of misconduct, improve transparency with the public and strengthen public trust and accountability.

Yes, support. It will help command and control centre to do audio communication with body worn camera. Then it is not necessary to carry 2 devices.

Our complete solution includes:

1)Hardware device: 4G poc radios, 4G 5G body worn cameras, 4G helmet cameras

2)Software Android APK for the hardware device

3)PC dispatch console and web management

4)Data collection docking station and evidence management system

Normally the body camera is rugged and durable design, with IP67 or IP68 water and dust proof rating

The original version of the video cannot be edited and deleted by anyone, including system administrators to ensure fairness and justice.

Body-worn cameras are battery-powered video cameras that police officers attach to their uniform shirts or winter jackets by back clip.

The video is tamper-proof with automatic tags of time and date stamp, location longtide &latitude and user ID info.

Normally connect the body camera with Dock station to upload photos and videos and charge the camera's battery simultaneously. Or if urgent, can also upload via 4G or WIFI.

Once uploaded, evidence can be managed via a web-based cloud system. Evidence can be checked, categoried, searched and archived as required by authorized person. Evidence management system also offers the ability to build 'cases', where relevant footage can be grouped in collections to support on going cases and incidents. The retention period can be defined as required.

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