Body worn cameras


Designed to meet the evolving needs of law enforcement, security personnel, and various professionals, our 4G 5G body worn camera collection offers cutting-edge solutions to capture, record, and transmit critical footage in real time.

Grandtime's body camera for public safety is meticulously crafted to ensure seamless integration into daily operations, offering a discreet yet powerful means of recording events.


4G and 5G Connectivity: 4G 5G body worn camera enable high-speed data transmission and real-time streaming for swift, live monitoring and immediate response.

High-Definition Video: Whether it is a body camera for public security, a body camera for smart city management, or a wearable body camera for hospitals, you can experience clear video quality and high-definition recording functions to ensure that key details are accurately captured.

Wide-Angle Lens: Equipped with a wide-angle lens, these body worn video cameras provide a comprehensive field of view, capturing a broader perspective and enhancing situational awareness.

Advanced Features: Explore additional features such as night vision, and GPS tracking, empowering users with enhanced functionality and versatility.


Grandtime's commitment to innovation and quality ensures that our 4G 5G body worn camera meet standards. Browse the products under this category for more details.


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