Docking station


Grandtime's docking stations offer a variety of connectivity solutions to suit different needs, from a wide range of port options to portable and screen-equipped solutions designed to simplify and optimize workflow efficiency across a variety of devices.


30 Ports Docking Station: The 30 ports docking station allows users to connect numerous devices simultaneously. It accommodates a wide range of peripherals, including monitors, external storage, input devices, and more, ensuring seamless connectivity for demanding workflows.

8 Ports Portable Docking Station: Ideal for on-the-go professionals, this portable docking station offers essential connectivity options in a compact form factor.

8 Ports Portable Docking with Screen: Combining portability and functionality, this docking station not only expands connectivity but also features an integrated screen. This innovative solution offers a versatile setup for users seeking both expanded connectivity and an additional display for improved multitasking capabilities.


Grandtime's docking stations represent a versatile array of solutions catering to diverse connectivity requirements. From extensive port options to portable and screen-equipped models, these docking stations enable users to effortlessly expand connectivity, enhance productivity, and adapt to different working scenarios, ultimately facilitating a more efficient workflow.

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