Docking station

30 ports docking station

1, File Upload

2, breakpoint resume

3, time correction

4, automatic charging

5, automatic emptying

6, automatic acquisition

7, in line with the Ministry of public security standards of law enforcement equipment



Product advantages

1, File Upload

2, breakpoint resume

3, time correction

4, automatic charging

5, automatic emptying

6, automatic acquisition

7, in line with the Ministry of public security standards of law enforcement equipment


Detailed technical parameters


System software

Operating system

Default Win7 system optional XP/Win8 / Win10 system


Acquisition software

Intelligent data acquisition and management system









Hardware configuration

Appearance structure

All-in-one design, sheet metal paint process, with mobile casters, support brake residence



19 inch capacitive multi-touch


USB interface

30-36 industrial HUB independent identification ,independent power supply , single-port current 2.0 A ,in addition to 2 * 2.0 USB interface



AUO 19 inch LCD screen



Integrated Realtek ALC887 8-channel sound chip











Contrast ratio



VGA capacity

DB-15 interface



Gigabyte H81


Memory bar capacity

4GB (standard)



Intel I3 4160 3.6G


Solid state drives

60G (standard)


Network interface

On-board Realtek RTL8111F gigabit network card


Hard drive accessories

PCI to high-speed large-capacity 4-port SATA card


Storage hard disk

Monitoring level, standard 4T(standard), maximum support 100T



Data backup

Support disk array RAID1 RAID5



Mode of operation

With industrial keyboard and mouse, support keyboard touch dual operation mode




Can support 30-36 recorders simultaneously acquisition and charging














Application features



Automatic data collection

Automatic data collection after law enforcement instrument access.Classified storage by police officer Number, Device number, acquisition date, To the right police officer.


High-speed data transmission

High speed 300M / min, users can customize only a set of law enforcement instrument to upload data, Or there are multiple law enforcement instruments to upload data at the same time.Multi-data upload technology to give full play to the hardware performance of the acquisition station



File upload

Priority upload function, you can make any law enforcement instrument as a priority,The law enforcement instrument priority upload, other law enforcement instrument waiting


Mode of operation

Capacitive touch


Disk storage

Storage space automatically switches to support multiple disk storage when one Automatically switches to the next storage space when the disk is full



Fast charging

Law enforcement instrument data acquisition is complete,automatically charge it, each individual 2.0 A


Automatic Data emptying

After the data acquisition is complete, the video and audio data inside the law enforcement recorder is automatically emptied.


Breakpoint resume

Support HTTP, law enforcement logger accidentally disconnected during the import process does not affect the integrity and uniqueness of the imported data.


Data view

Support on the workstation to view the imported data, play, export, delete and other operations.


Physical location correspondence




Support all brands and models of recorder equipment that comply with the standard of "single police law enforcement video and audio recorder" (GA/T947-2011) of the Ministry of Public Security


Automatic calibration of equipment

Support through the acquisition station to complete the automatic School of law enforcement recorder, synchronized with the time server.


File retrieval function

Support according to the police officer Name, time, file type and other multiple options to find, play, export, manage the required audio and video.


Calendar search

Additional information such as the number of files can be retrieved based on the calendar


Manage permission ratings

The system is divided into administrators, general users, ordinary users, etc. for hierarchical management


Data export function

Users can export the data within the permissions to a specific storage device,you can set the data can only be exported to the Public Security Special Security U Disk.


Voice broadcast

Software supports voice broadcast


Safety protection

No matter how the data is on the server, or how the collection station, the end user is opaque,the user can not leave the system, the data operation


Data management background

In the same LAN, any computer phone through the acquisition station ip for remote access,so that the data query download and so on


Host interface


Switch button

1 PCs.



2 PCs.


Network interface

1 PCs.





Physical characteristics

Power supply

Great Wall 500W high power power supply


Working environment

Minus 10℃--50℃


Storage temperature

Minus 20℃--60℃


Power supply mode

110-220V  AC


Body weight



Appearance size



Package size



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