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Buses, trams, subways, railways, and high-speed trains, including the most modern driverless systems, need efficient communications systems that provide the availability and security specifications required by these environments.GrandtimeTech helps to secure your people, passengers and assets, and our technology provides valuable business intelligence for managing operations and increasing ridership. Make sure every aspect of your service is the best it can be.


Grandtime offers complete solutions that are designed to meet the client’s needs, with the aim of always providing the most secure and reliable communications system.



Taking safety further

A positive public transport experience is an uneventful one. Grandtime Tech helps ensure the safety and security of your people, passengers and operations, to build even more confidence in your service. Connected video solutions provide reliable, high-quality oversight and situational awareness regardless of light or weather conditions. The same network can be equipped to alert you instantly to intrusion, loitering, aggression, left objects or smoke, improving your capability for fast response. If incidents do happen, support for embedded search capabilities makes investigation and identification fast, accurate and easy.

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Data makes the difference

Your network security can also be a source of network insights that lead to improvements in passenger service. Grandtime Tech data-driven solutions help you capture the passenger flow, mobility and accessibility data that can inform future planning. Gather passenger count and demographic data that can lead to service adjustments such as additional capacity or schedule changes. The same technology can also help you monitor for fare evasion, overcrowding, queue lengths and boarding management, and let you visually confirm passenger reactions and assess driver performance. Make your passenger experiences memorable for all the right reasons.


Manage on-time performance

Grandtime network video solutions provide comprehensive oversight of your infrastructure, assets and people in real time to help you avoid unnecessary delays and respond quickly when needed. Protect critical infrastructure from intrusion, damage and other service disruptions. Monitor rolling stock for preventive maintenance needs. Adjust service frequency using real-time passenger counts. Discover all the ways network security can help you increase operational efficiency.


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