Public safety


Grandtime broadband solutions not only provide key voice services, but also devote more energy to reliable video transmission and data transmission to help customers cope with more complex scenarios.

The police, firefighters, emergency services, ambulance service, rescue organizations, etc. require robust, secure, reliable communications systems that facilitate the agile, fast, uninterrupted exchanging of information necessary for an efficient, coordinated operation, as required by the trust citizens place in them.

Our public safety solutions provide users in the sector with key functions, such as:

  1. Voice communications: individual calls, groups calls, establishment of priorities and permissions...all the critical services for guaranteeing that calls will continue under any circumstances.
  2. Data transmission: Services for messaging, data, and video between the different units, or between the units and the dispatching centre.
  3. GPS positioning and playback
  4. Control centre for centralized management and coordination, to respond to calls or incidents, dispatch service, and positioning, among other functions.
  5. Privacy, confidentiality, and integrity of the information.
  6. Access to video in the control centre; video from mobile terminals, personal cameras, or fixed cameras located at strategic points.



Our objective is to ensure connectivity and interoperability with external applications, via a complete set of protocols that enable the exchange of information. Therefore, for example, police officers will have access to databases of number plates from their own terminals.



Communication privacy and the control of unauthorized access are two essential requirements for public safety networks. Grandtime incorporates advanced mechanisms for encrypting communications at various levels, ensuring the identity of terminals that are registered on the network and remotely removing any terminals that are lost or stolen. Public safety teams can be sure that no-one will know their plans in advance.



The solution includes high capacity IP technology recorders that allow voice communications to be recorded, in line with that stipulated by law, so that they can be easily recovered, based on different classification criteria, in order to reproduce and analyze them later on, if necessary, for example, in a court case.



Video on the move and integration with CCTV systems is a growing need in critical public safety environments. The Grandtime solution allows video from personal cameras, drones, and other devices to be transmitted to the control center in real time.



TETRA and LTE technologies can be used as a means of communication for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, with a specific gateway to facilitate the development and implementation of the aforementioned technologies in critical environments. Data from personal devices or environmental sensors, among others, is sent and received by the control center and other cloud platforms for processing.









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