Electricity, gas and water utility companies with distribution failures immediately disrupt both consumers and the economy.  Utility companies sometimes have distribution networks comprising of thousands of kilometres of infrastructure, overhead lines and sub-station assets in locations with very little coverage due to being based in remote uneven terrain areas.


Better Efficiency

Responding effectively to both daily operational requirements and emergency incidents requires teamwork and efficient coordination. The instant, group calling services provided by two-way and PoC radios means utility workers can easily receive and respond to instructions from operations centres and communicate with each other to ensure a better collaborative, coordinated response.


Improved Audio

Personnel work in noisy environments, but they must be able to hear instructions over the radio. Grandtime noise cancelling technology gets rid of background sounds to provide much clearer audio.



Grandtime 4G/5G bodycams can be deployed to record incidents or faults.  If Wi-Fi or broadband networks are available, it is possible to live stream video to supervisors or experts who can advise remotely on how to fix faults or carry out installation or maintenance work on utility assets.


Enhanced Worker Safety

Our smart terminals do not just provide highly efficient communications. They also double up as an extremely effective safety devices as well. The radio is the utility worker’s lifeline, especially for lone workers and personnel operating in remote locations. If they get into trouble, the radios support several potentially lifesaving applications in addition to emergency voice calling.

Emergency Button

Radios come with an emergency ‘SOS’ button, which can be programmed to send an alarm to supervisors, along with the person’s ID, real-time location and video calling.

Man Down and Lone Worker

The Man Down alarm is triggered if a user has fallen over and the radio is horizontal. The Lone Worker alarm is sent if the radio is inactive beyond a set time.

GPS Location And Tracks Playback Services

GPS-enabled radios allow commanders to locate and track users and can be used to pinpoint a user who has issued the alarm or who is in a man down or any emergency situation.

Robust Devices

Grandtime offers military grade Body worn cameras and PoC terminals capable of operating in harsh environments. Devices can withstand drops, shocks, vibration, extreme temperatures, dust, dirt and water ingress. Push-to-Talk over Cellular devices and a range of body worn cameras that double as remote speaker microphones.

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