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Smart new police comprehensively improve the energy efficiency of command and dispatch in actual combat

November 28 , 2023

With the rapid development of the world economy and the changing social environment, the handling of public safety incidents is facing many challenges. In order to further improve the level of patrol and control capabilities, effectively maintain public security and order in society, and effectively solve the difficulties of prevention, lack of information, poor instructions, coordination difficulties, there are blind spots in supervision, process supervision cannot be carried out, and post-mortem inspectors are held accountable and other problems.

Problems faced:

1.The number of teams is unclear, the situation is unknown, the responsibilities are untrue, and the operation is inefficient.

2.There are many links in the reporting process, and the reporting, response, and disposal are not efficient.

3.On-site intelligence is missing, instructions are not issued accurately, and disposal is not in place

4.Information is siloed, the upper and lower levels are not linked, and it is difficult for various police types to cooperate.

5.There are blind spots in supervision, accountability afterwards, and process supervision is difficult


Visual scheduling solution:

The visual command and dispatch solution of the Grandtime consists of a visual command and dispatch platform+Composed of intelligent terminals, it provides integrated services.The use of a new generation of information technology, based on the combination of full-time, full-time and full-effect personnel in the whole region, and the combination of peace and war, starting from the aspects of intelligent dispatching, scientific patrol, and key control, effectively improve the rapid response and emergency response capabilities of the police, and enhance the control and control of complex social security situations.

Build a unified command, responsive, and efficient service combat system,Realize cross-regional, cross-departmental, and cross-police types, horizontal coordination, vertical penetration, and flat and rapid command and dispatch. Visual dispatch of resources, command elements “A picture”,Command and judgment, team interconnection, and multiple instructions are issued to realize “Online and offline“ Command integration, end-to-cloud collaboration, and one-to-one response.


Access to visual intelligent terminals, individual soldiers, vehicle terminals, data acquisition stations and other intelligent terminals, and use them in different scenarios to meet the needs of public safety users, provide resource display on the map, command and dispatch, service control, etc. Real-time dynamic information, to achieve visualization, precision, and intelligent control.

The platform opens up the upper and lower-level command system and builds a new type of flat and mobile command system. The unified platform incorporates a “one-screen view”, visually displays the distribution of personnel through geographic information maps, monitors various resources, information and data of the department in all directions in real time, and shares information.,Accurately and scientifically dispatching police resources, comprehensively enhancing the overall control of the command center.


Combination of online and offline,Service “one network management", scientific deployment in advance, strengthen on-duty patrols and on-duty; real-time remote supervision of the process, timely discovery and accurate traceability, intelligent supervision and management,Empowering managers,Reduce the burden on the personnel on duty and improve work efficiency and work quality.

Visual intelligent terminals, mobile Android distribution control balls and other intelligent terminals can be quickly and accurately matched by face recognition. Identification of on-duty personnel, intelligent attendance; The intelligent terminal also supports license plate recognition, behavior recognition, etc., and automatically alarms and pushes captured images,Help on-site personnel conduct early warning, respond quickly and deal with emergencies To make the work more efficient and accurate.


In case of emergency, on-site personnel only need one-click SOS Call the police and accurately locate the scene of the incident,The command center controls the situation on the scene in real time and provides timely support。Unblocked alarm channels to ensure that when an emergency police situation occurs,The presence of troops in front of the street and the follow-up police force were quickly on the scene to deal with, Efficient closed-loop operation.


Respond to every call, linkage is efficient

The platform provides flexible scheduling methods, In the event of an emergency, promptly pull through the personnel near the place of the incident, respond to every call, and quickly dispatch support nearby.;The dispatcher of the command center can also directly retrieve the front-end real-time video, and the whole process can be visually commanded and operated.。


Application scenario

It is widely used in public security law enforcement, urban law enforcement, grid investigation, campus security, property security, police fire protection, emergency rescue, road administration law enforcement, traffic law enforcement and other business scenarios.



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