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Introducing the Grandtime F39 - A smart PoC Radio for Reliable Real-Time Communications

September 26 , 2023

With a powerful quad-core processor, a 4-inch IPS high-sensitivity touchscreen, and a host of advanced features, Grandtime 4G PoC radio F39 is set to redefine the way professionals communicate and collaborate.

Key Features of the 4G POC Radio F39:


Intelligent Android 9.0 OS: 

Running on the intelligent Android 9.0 operating system, the F39 delivers a smooth and user-friendly experience. It supports real-time communication and on-the-go multimedia capture, significantly boosting work efficiency.


4G Real-Time Intercom:

The F39 facilitates real-time intercom through WiFi and 4G networks. Equipped with professional POC communication software, it supports global intercom, real-time positioning, video uploads, route tracking, and electronic fencing, among other functions.


High-Resolution Touchscreen:

Featuring a 4-inch IPS touchscreen with a screen resolution of 1136x640P, the F39 provides a clear and intuitive user interface. Its high sensitivity ensures responsive touch control, even in challenging conditions.


Dual High-Definition Cameras: 

The device boasts both front and rear high-definition cameras, empowering users to capture real-time on-site situations. This feature not only enhances documentation but also facilitates effective communication.


Long Battery Life:

The F39 comes with a high-capacity 5000mAh battery, ensuring extended usage without constant recharging. This substantial battery life is ideal for voice communication, video recording, and multimedia dispatch, catering to diverse needs.


IP68 Waterproof and Dustproof: 

Built to withstand challenging environments, the F39 boasts an IP68 rating for waterproof and dustproof capabilities. It can thrive in tough conditions, making it suitable for various industries, including construction, public safety, municipal management, power utilities, and property management, etc.


The 4G POC Radio F39 empowers users with advanced communication tools, enabling seamless remote intercom, command, and management. The F39 supports voice calls, video calls, and group communication across unlimited distances, ensuring efficient and effective collaboration.

Grandtime continues to innovate in the realm of communication technology, with the F39 being a prime example of its commitment to advancing the industry.


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