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Intelligent 4G Safety Helmets H8 Transform Standardized Operations at State Grid HanZhong Power Supply Company

December 04 , 2023

In a bid to seamlessly integrate standardized and digital operations, elevate operational standards, and bolster on-site safety management, the HanZhong Power Supply Company of the State Grid organized a field observation event for the 2023 distribution network standardized operations micro-application on November 3. During the event, staff successfully introduced the "4G Intelligent Safety Helmet," a crucial element in ensuring the safety of operational personnel.

Equipped with video capture and voice interaction functionalities, the 4G Smart Safety Helmets H8 proved instrumental in facilitating 'ground-to-air communication.' This was achieved through mobile applications and voice interactions with the helmets, presenting a more accurate and convenient means of communication compared to traditional 'shouting-style' communication or radio devices, particularly in noisy operational environments. Simultaneously, the issuance of work commands by supervisors could be instantly relayed to every worker wearing the Smart Safety Helmets, enabling the simultaneous assignment of tasks to multiple individuals. This ensured that each worker was well-informed about the current operational step, contributing to a smoother and more orderly workflow.

Beyond its voice interaction advantages, the Smart Safety Helmets H8 also boast video capture capabilities. Positioned on the heads of operational personnel, the captured footage provides a first-person perspective, offering a clearer and more intuitive view of work activities and construction processes. Each Smart Safety Helmet effectively acts as a "mobile surveillance camera," mitigating the "blind spots" associated with fixed surveillance cameras. Remote safety control personnel can seamlessly switch between different workers' perspectives, achieving comprehensive monitoring of the operational site.

The auxiliary micro applications for standardized operations in the distribution network not only enable remote supervision but also significantly reduce the risks of personal injury and equipment misoperation. By eliminating unauthorized actions and providing a traceable record for each work step, the system enhances operational efficiency and, more importantly, guarantees the personal safety of workers.

The company's commitment to "digitization" aligns with its broader goal of constructing an intelligent and secure power grid. Through the utilization of these micro applications, employees have not only embraced digital technologies but have also taken a solid step toward a comprehensive and intelligent transformation.

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