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Grandtime WIFI Smart Helmet Camera

May 30 , 2024

In today's fast-paced industrial landscape, ensuring workplace safety and operational efficiency is more critical than ever. The integration of advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable devices has significantly enhanced traditional safety measures. One such innovative device is the Grandtime WIFI Smart Helmet Camera H6, designed to address safety, construction, engineering, and management challenges effectively. This article delves into the comprehensive features and applications of the H6 Smart Helmet Camera, highlighting its potential to transform various industries.


Key Features of Grandtime WIFI Smart Helmet Camera


smart helmet camera

WIFI smart helmet camera-H6


The H6 Smart Helmet Camera is equipped with a range of advanced features that make it an indispensable tool for ensuring workplace safety and efficiency:


High-Definition Recording


4 MP HD Cameras: The H6 supports recording with 1080P high-definition resolution, ensuring clear and detailed video capture. This high resolution is crucial for accurately documenting on-site conditions and identifying potential hazards.

Loop Recording: This feature allows continuous recording by overwriting old footage, ensuring that the most recent activities are always recorded. This is particularly useful in dynamic work environments where continuous monitoring is essential.


Wide-Angle View


HD Wide Angle and Diagonal Field View: With a D-106-degree field view, the H6 provides a comprehensive perspective of the surroundings. This wide-angle view is crucial for monitoring large areas and capturing detailed footage of the work environment, which is essential for safety assessments and operational oversight.


Advanced Video Technology


Video Format/Encoding: The camera records in MP4 format using H.265 video encoding. H.265, also known as High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), offers efficient compression without compromising quality, allowing for longer recording times and reduced storage requirements.

Video Encoding Bit Rate: Ensures high-quality video output suitable for detailed analysis. This is particularly important for post-event reviews and investigations.


Robust Operating System


Linux Operation System: Powered by a 2.0 GHz NPU (Neural Processing Unit), the H6 offers reliable and efficient performance. The Linux OS provides a stable and secure platform for the camera's operations, ensuring smooth functionality and quick response times.


Ample Storage and Memory


ROM 16GB + RAM 1GB: Provides sufficient storage and memory for smooth operation and data handling. The 16GB ROM ensures ample space for storing video footage, while the 1GB RAM supports efficient processing and multitasking capabilities.




IP65 Waterproof: The H6 is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making it suitable for various outdoor applications. The IP65 rating ensures protection against dust and water, allowing the camera to function reliably in challenging environments.

Gravity Sensing: Enhances safety by detecting falls or impacts, triggering alerts for immediate response. This feature is particularly valuable in high-risk work environments where quick response to accidents is critical.




Built-in WIFI 2.4G/5G: Supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac standards, ensuring robust and reliable wireless connectivity. This allows for real-time video streaming and data transfer, facilitating remote monitoring and management.

Bluetooth Version 4.0: Facilitates seamless communication with other devices. This feature enables easy integration with other smart devices and systems, enhancing overall functionality and user experience.


Power Efficiency


Built-in 1600mAh Battery: Offers a working time of up to 7.5 hours, ensuring long-lasting performance during extended work shifts. The battery's capacity ensures that the camera can operate continuously throughout a typical workday without frequent recharging.


Applications of Grandtime WIFI Smart Helmet Camera


WIFI smart helmet camera

The H6 Smart Helmet Camera is versatile and can be utilized in various industries to monitor on-site conditions anytime, anywhere. Some of its key applications include:


Power Inspection: Ensures the safety and efficiency of electrical inspections by providing real-time video and data. The H6 can capture detailed footage of power lines and equipment, helping inspectors identify issues and ensure compliance with safety standards.

Tower Maintenance: Facilitates the monitoring and documentation of maintenance activities on towers. The wide-angle view and high-definition recording capabilities allow for thorough inspections and accurate documentation of maintenance work.

Work at Height: Enhances safety for workers operating at elevated heights by providing live video feeds and alerts. The gravity sensing feature can detect falls and trigger immediate alerts, ensuring quick response to accidents.

Chemical Energy: Monitors hazardous environments, ensuring compliance with safety protocols. The H6 can capture detailed footage of chemical plants and storage areas, helping to identify potential hazards and ensure safe operations.

Elevator Overhaul: Assists in the inspection and maintenance of elevator systems. The high-definition recording and real-time streaming capabilities allow for detailed inspections and accurate documentation of maintenance work.

Railway Repair: Provides real-time monitoring and documentation of railway repair activities. The H6 can capture detailed footage of railway tracks and equipment, helping to ensure the safety and efficiency of repair work.




The Grandtime WIFI Smart Helmet Camera H6 is a groundbreaking device that combines high-definition video recording, advanced connectivity, and robust durability to enhance workplace safety and efficiency. Its wide range of applications makes it an essential tool for industries that prioritize safety and real-time monitoring. By leveraging the H6, organizations can ensure a safer and more productive work environment, ultimately leading to improved operational outcomes. The H6 Smart Helmet Camera is not just a tool; it is a comprehensive solution for modern workplace challenges, paving the way for a safer and more efficient future.

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