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Grandtime Unveils Innovative 4G Smart Safety Helmet H8 with Advanced Image Stabilization

September 15 , 2023

Grandtime continues to lead the way in technology innovation with the introduction of its groundbreaking detachable 4G Safety Helmet Solution H8. Designed with a detachable approach, this versatile solution seamlessly integrates with standard safety helmets, streamlining data collection and liberating the hands of workers.



H8 is equipped with a professional micro-gimbal image stabilization camera, which combines gyroscopic and optical image stabilization (OIS) technologies. This unique design, coupled with specialized lenses and CCD light-sensitive components, delivers exceptional hardware-based image stabilization. The result is crystal-clear high-definition video even during motion, effectively eliminating the issue of shaky footage caused by hand movements. This breakthrough significantly elevates the quality of video recording.





Key Features of the 4G Smart Safety Helmet H8:


Detachable Design:

The H8's dechable design effortlessly adapts to standard safety helmets, ensuring compatibility across various industries. This innovative approach enhances flexibility and user convenience.


Octa-Core Processor:

The H8's robust computing power ensures rapid data processing and seamless multitasking, enabling advanced AI functions and superior performance.


One-Click Operation:

With one-click functionality, users can effortlessly collect critical information, freeing them from cumbersome manual data collection processes. The H8 simplifies on-site operations, making them more efficient.


AI-Powered Assistance:

The H8 incorporates advanced AI technology based on deep learning principles. It assists workers in their field operations by providing precise and rapid detection and recognition capabilities.


Optical Mechanical Image Stabilization Camera:

Equipped with an optical mechanical image stabilization camera, the H8 ensures real-time high-definition video recording. It captures and reproduces the authentic on-site work environment with unparalleled clarity and smoothness..


High-Definition Video:

Enjoy high-quality video capture with exceptional clarity and precision, perfect for documentation and analysis.


Real-Time Communication:

The H8 facilitates real-time voice and video calls as well as multi-party video conferences. This feature enables seamless connectivity, making on-site work smarter and back-end management more scientific and efficient.

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