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Grandtime Tech| Smart Safety, Win With Smart Hats

March 28 , 2024

As the awareness of production safety has been deeply rooted in the people, the requirements for production safety are getting higher and higher. Utilize Internet of Things technology to apply personnel wearable devices to production, construction and other scenarios to improve traditional on-site management and achieve the purpose of efficient and intelligent management.

Smart helmets are mainly used in large-area outdoor venues and some indoor factories. It is necessary to locate and record the movement of on-site workers. It is necessary to set up local safety areas and provide clear warnings when entering and exiting the safety areas.

1. Positioning function:

Supports Beidou + GPS dual-mode positioning to locate workers accurately to individuals;


2. Face recognition:

Supports face recognition and can identify the identity information of people wearing helmets;


3. Voice intercom:

Supports intercom function, workers can have real-time intercom with co-workers while working;


4. Video surveillance:

Supports video surveillance function, and the management background can monitor the precise indoor and outdoor locations of workers wearing safety helmets in real time;


5. Track playback:

Support the management side to view the movement trajectory of each staff member in a certain period of time;


6. Information collection:

Supports information collection function, and can collect video and audio information from the construction site through the safety helmet;


7. One-click SOS alarm:

To facilitate personnel to receive timely rescue when encountering danger or emergency;


8. Electronic fence:

The management can create multiple electronic fences to prohibit people wearing helmets from going out or entering, which facilitates management and improves safety.

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