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Grandtime Tech | Smart helmets Put Safety At Your Fingertips

March 28 , 2024

Safety helmets are life hats and must-use tools for everyone in construction, rescue and other operations. They are related to the life safety of millions of frontline workers. With the integration of artificial intelligence, informatization, data and other technologies into the construction industry, traditional safety helmets are undergoing disruptive changes. How powerful are smart safety helmets?


Early Warning Beforehand, Manageable and Controllable

In industries such as electric power and water conservancy, engineering construction, accident rescue, mine operations, and emergency response, the operating environment is complex and various accidents are prone to occur, making management difficult. The traditional method can only be through training and discipline in advance. Wait for education and restraint, and rely on on-site managers to control the process. More often than not, accidents are dealt with only after they occur, leading to many misfortunes. The emergence of smart helmets will greatly change this status quo and eliminate more accident risks before they occur through the wisdom of technology.

The smart safety helmet has functions such as "proximity induction monitoring, SOS alarm, fall alarm, electronic fence, hat off alarm, impact alarm" and other functions. Before danger occurs or during dangerous production, when workers or the environment have changes in monitoring indicators, an alarm will be issued immediately to remind workers and back-office personnel to prevent accidents and deal with them in a timely manner to prevent accidents and losses to the greatest extent. 


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