Grandtime Shines at EXPOSEC Brazil 2024: Showcasing Advanced Public and Workforce Safety Solutions

June 07 , 2024

Grandtime successfully concluded its three-day exhibition at EXPOSEC Brazil 2024, attracting significant attention and acclaim from industry professionals and attendees alike. The event, known for being one of the largest and most influential security fairs in Latin America, served as a premier platform for Grandtime to showcase its latest innovations in public and workforce safety solutions.




Key Highlights of Grandtime's Product Lineup at EXPOSEC Brazil 2024:


Smart Helmet: The Smart Helmet, featuring an Android operating system, was a major highlight at the Grandtime booth. Equipped with an HD camera, SOS function, push-to-talk (PTT) capability, and photo/video capturing features, the helmet offers comprehensive safety and communication solutions for various industries. This innovative product is designed to ensure workers' safety while enhancing operational efficiency through real-time data and communication capabilities.


5G Body Worn Camera: The 5G Body Worn Camera S1 garnered significant interest due to its advanced features, including live streaming and seamless integration with radio communications. This device enhances situational awareness and accountability, making it an invaluable tool for law enforcement and security personnel. The camera’s ability to provide real-time video feeds and integrate with existing communication systems ensures that teams are always connected and informed.


PoC Radio: The PoC Radio F39 stood out with its 4-inch touch screen, loud speaker, and dual camera system. Designed for robust communication, this device supports push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) functionality, making it ideal for various public safety and industrial applications. Its user-friendly interface and powerful audio capabilities ensure clear and effective communication in demanding environments.




Engaging Demonstrations and Positive Feedback


Throughout the three days at EXPOSEC, Grandtime conducted live demonstrations of the cutting-edge products, highlighting our practical applications and benefits. Visitors were able to see firsthand how these advanced devices could be implemented in real-world scenarios to improve safety and operational effectiveness.


Grandtime's Commitment to Innovation


Grandtime's presence at EXPOSEC Brazil 2024 underscored its commitment to leveraging technology for enhanced safety and communication. The company’s innovative solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of public safety, emergency response, and various industrial sectors.


Grandtime extends its gratitude to all the visitors, partners, and industry professionals who visited our booth and showed interest in the products. We looks forward to continuing to innovate and provide top-tier solutions that enhance safety, efficiency, and communication in various industries.

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