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Grandtime H8 4G smart helmet camera assist State Grid and Southern Power Grid smart power digitalization program

January 06 , 2024

Grandtime, as a professional solution and service provider for smart power digitalization, we utilize mature "power digitalization on-site operation" application achievements to assist customers such as State Grid and Southern Power Grid in fighting against high temperatures and ensuring power supply. We achieve intelligent monitoring and early warning and personnel special inspections, combining remote and on-site operations, scientifically carry out power dispatching and high-temperature weather emergency plans, improve the efficiency of special inspections and hidden dangers, and ensure the safe, smooth and orderly operation of power.

"One Picture" Visual Science Power Dispatch

 The power dispatch center, based on factors such as power grid risks and operational risks, uses GPS maps to visually deploy and control personnel and equipment in a timely and reasonable manner, ensuring that capable personnel stay on site and ensuring full coverage of "key processes, safety risk points, and operational personnel" supervision at each operational point. It achieves "no work without video", with a real-time visualization of the background map, making it clear at a glance the distribution and situation of operations, Avoid duplicate arrangements and resource waste.

Remote+on-site, controllable operation process

The entire process of the homework site can be visually monitored, and If there are any difficult problems on site, the detachable smart safety helmet H8 can be worn to enable multi-party video consultations at any time. Technical experts can have a first-hand view of the site and provide remote and efficient guidance to ensure the smooth progress of the operation; Inspection during the working process+remote manual review, online real-time acceptance, real-time feedback of results, timely rectification of problems, ensuring that the job is done correctly at once, and reducing the need for repeated site visits. In case of sudden danger, on-site personnel can use SOS to call for help with one click, and the front-end video can be retrieved from the background to quickly connect the scene and carry out emergency linkage. The entire work process is archived, and data can be accessed and traced at any time. Prepare emergency plans for high temperature weather to achieve visible, manageable, and controllable on-site processes.

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