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Grandtime assist in building a safer, more reliable, efficient and convenient law enforcement electronic evidence management sys

December 13 , 2023

Law enforcement body worn cameras, as a multifunctional device, plays an important role in law enforcement work. Through functions such as video recording, photos capturing, location tracking, voice intercom and communication, automatic recognition and recording, they can provide comprehensive support and assistance to law enforcement personnel, improve the efficiency and accuracy of law enforcement work, and ensure social security and stability.


Body worn cameras and evidence upload and management workflow:


***Standardized standard evidence collection

Terminal local secure storage: through the use of wearable law enforcement body worn cameras for high-definition videos, photos recording  and voice recording throughout the entire process, precise information watermarks such as terminal number, shooting time, shooting location coordinates, etc. are fixed together to prevent counterfeiting and ensure the authenticity of data, achieving accountability to individuals. And all the recordings can be replayed but cannot be edited or deleted.

Important files can be marked during the recording process, making it easy to quickly find corresponding video files in the backend system.


Dedicated docking station storage: Connected to the docking station, it automatically completes the intelligent data collection, viewing, classification, and upload of law enforcement intelligent terminal data. It can classify and store file data for batch upload processing, avoiding problems such as manual forgetting to export files and non-standard file management. The system lists information on recently uploaded files and reviews evidence records.


Mobile network real-time feedback: Emergency on-site law enforcement, law enforcement intelligent terminals use 4G/5G/WiFi wireless networks to transmit real-time high-definition footage of the scene.


Unified access to the web storage server : private network, with clear storage paths and unique evidence paths, unified management, cloud sharing, and remote retrieval of any subordinate department's certificate files, truly achieving efficient management of evidence and on-demand retrieval.


Different user accounts can be granted different file viewing permissions, including login, browsing, editing, deletion, and download permissions, with precise permission control. Leaders of each unit can see data from their subordinate units and their own unit, but cannot see data from higher-level or peer units. Individuals can only view their own data.

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