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Grandtime 4G LTE Body-worn Camera Solution Enables Smart Law Enforcement

August 30 , 2023

One of the key challenges faced by law enforcement agencies was the limited functionality of existing equipment. With Grandtime's 4G body-worn camera solution, officers can now carry a single device that offers a multitude of features, reducing the burden of carrying multiple pieces of equipment. The body-worn camera provides high-definition video recording, real-time streaming, GPS positioning, two-way PTT communication, night vision and strobe light , empowering officers with a versatile toolset for their daily operations.



Furthermore, the implementation of Grandtime smart law enforcement solution has revolutionized the duty management mechanism. The system enables personnel management on one single platform enhances accountability and ensures efficient management of personnel and resources, realizing one-map display, one-network unified management for visualizational command and dispatch in real-time. By digitizing duty management, law enforcement agencies can optimize their workforce and enhance overall operational effectiveness.



The 4G body-worn camera solution facilitates seamless connectivity between private and public networks, enabling integration between the cellular network, dedicated video networks, and public safety networks. This interconnectedness ensures seamless data exchange, enabling law enforcement agencies to access critical information in real-time and leverage various resources for enhanced situational awareness and response capabilities.



Grandtime's 4G body-worn camera solution has already garnered significant attention and adoption in the public safety sector. It has not only alleviated the challenges faced by law enforcement but has also transformed the way agencies operate by leveraging advanced technology to improve efficiency, enhance collaboration, and ensure public safety.


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