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Grandtime's 4G Helmet Camera H1 Revolutionizes Workplace Safety with Advanced Features

September 26 , 2023

As society continues to progress, the concept of workplace safety has become deeply ingrained in our collective consciousness, leading to ever-increasing demands for safety standards. Leveraging the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), the integration of wearable devices in production and construction scenarios has greatly improved traditional on-site management, achieving greater efficiency and intelligence in management practices.

Introducing the 4G Helmet Camera H1, a groundbreaking wearable device that combines 4G connectivity, IoT technology, sensors and high-definition cameras to deliver a multitude of features designed to enhance workplace safety and productivity. The H1's capabilities include real-time video streaming, photo capturing, video recording, audio recording, live communication, GPS positioning, electronic fencing and safety alerts.

Precision Positioning:

The H1 supports dual-mode positioning with both BeiDou and GPS, allowing precise tracking of workers down to their individual locations.


Capping off Alert:

The device features a capping on/off alert system, triggering an alarm when a worker removes their safety helmet off, ensuring compliance with safety protocols.


Real-time Communication: 

With built-in 4G/WIFI network capabilities, workers can engage in real-time communication with their colleagues while on the job.


Video Monitoring:

The H1 enables live video monitoring, allowing workers to monitor their surroundings through the integrated camera on their safety helmet.


Track Playback: 

Management personnel can review the movement tracks of workers during specific timeframes, aiding in workflow analysis and monitoring.


Data Collection: 

The device collects video and audio information from the construction site, facilitating comprehensive data gathering.


One-touch SOS Alarm:

In emergencies, users can initiate a one-touch SOS alarm for immediate assistance.


Electronic Fencing:

Management can create multiple electronic fences to restrict personnel movements, enhancing security and control.


Impact and Fall Alerts:

The H1 can detect external impacts or falls, sending alerts to the command center, effectively supervising unexpected head injuries, and ensuring prompt responses to incidents.


These features contribute the 4G Helmet Camera H1 as the preferred solution for on-site guidance, safety management, defect analysis, and risk prevention across various industries.

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