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Grandtime's 4G Detachable Helmet-mounted Camera H8 Facilitates Emergency Power Supply Operations at the 14th National Games

August 30 , 2023

In order to ensure the safety of electricity supply during the 14th National Games, State Grid Shanxi Electric Power has enhanced its power supply capabilities by digital transformation, achieving digitization of equipment, power grids, personnel, and facilities. It ensures flawless power supply for all events during the National Games.



Due to dispersity of power supply operations, timely access to on-site information of power supply personnel and real-time footage on the scene and equipment status in case of incidents is crucial for efficient emergency command and dispatch.

Grandtime's detachable 4G smart helmet camera H8, as an integral part of the digital emergency service management for power supply operations during the National Games, liberates the hands of on-site operators and provides reliable support for inspection, maintenance and visualizational command. The H8 device integrates HD camera, PTT communication, GPS positioning, one-click SOS, 4G/WIFI/Bluetooth connectivity. It enables one-touch audio/video call, real-time remote monitoring and guidance. Through the device, the dispatch console can track the task status by live streaming and real-time GPS location information of on-site personnel as well as incident occurs.



Grandtime's innovative solution empowers State Grid in ensuring efficient emergency power supply operations during the National Games. By digitizing and optimizing power supply procedures, Grandtime contributes to the success and safety of this prestigious sporting event.



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