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Different Types of Body-Worn Cameras

March 25 , 2024

Body-worn cameras have become invaluable tools for various professionals, from law enforcement officers to healthcare workers and journalists. These devices offer a firsthand perspective, capturing crucial moments in real time and providing an objective record of events. With advancements in technology, there's a diverse array of body-worn cameras available, each tailored to specific needs and requirements.



4G Body Worn Camera


Here we list different types of body-worn cameras and their unique advantages.


Chest-Mounted Body Cameras


Chest-mounted models are the most common body cameras used by law enforcement officers. They are typically attached to the front pocket or uniform button via a clip-on system.


Accessibility: Positioned on the front pocket or uniform button, these cameras are readily accessible, allowing users to swiftly activate them.

Visibility: Less likely to be obscured by clothing or equipment, ensuring clear footage of interactions.

Affordability: Widely available and cost-effective, making them a popular choice for law enforcement agencies.


Shoulder-Mounted Body Cameras


Shoulder-mounted body cameras are positioned higher up on the body, offering an improved vantage point of situations.


Optimal View: Positioned higher on the body, these cameras offer an improved vantage point, capturing a broader field of view.

Stability: Less prone to shaking or shifting during physical activity, ensuring steady footage in dynamic situations.

Security: Positioned in a location less accessible to suspects, reducing the risk of tampering.


Head-Mounted Body Cameras


Head-mounted body cameras are worn on a head, either mounted on a helmet or integrated into glasses or sunglasses. These cameras can provide an almost identical field of view as the user, capturing events more accurately.


Precision: Captures everything in the user's line of sight, minimizing the risk of missing crucial details.

Reliability: Less susceptible to interference from clothing or equipment, ensuring uninterrupted recording.


Integrated Uniform Body Cameras


Some manufacturers have integrated body cameras directly into uniforms, minimizing the chances of interference or the camera becoming inadvertently detached. These cameras are discreet and built into items such as badges or buttons.


Security: Reduced risk of detachment or tampering, enhancing the reliability of the footage.

Enhanced Confidence: Minimizes the chances of interference or obstruction, instilling greater confidence in the captured evidence.


Whether chest-mounted, shoulder-mounted, head-mounted, or integrated into the uniform, these cameras serve as invaluable tools in promoting accountability, transparency, and ultimately, trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve.


Grandtime 4G Body Worn Camera - F3


As the ultimate security gadget, the 4G body-worn camera F3 offers great security throughout the full shift. It delivers panoramic, true Full HD video, and features 4 infrared lights for low-light conditions. 4G body-worn camera F3 supports 3G/ 4G & Wi-Fi for real-time transmission anywhere, GPS built-in, and PoC application compatibility.


● Removable 2500mAh Battery

● 2.0 Inch touch screen  

● 2GB + 16GB memory  

● Android 8.1 OS

● Camera with PTT button

● Dual camera

● IP68 rating

● Infrared night version

● 125+° Large wide-angle lens

● Loop recording

● On-Site, Real-Time Video Recording

● Built-in BDS+GPS

● Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity

● Support pre/post recording

● Support 3G 4G SIM Card or Wi-Fi Internet for Network Connection


grandtime 4G Body Worn Camera

4G Body Worn Camera Application


Designed to meet the evolving needs of law enforcement, security personnel, and various professionals, our 4G body-worn camera collection offers cutting-edge solutions to capture, record, and transmit critical footage in real time. If you have OEM or ODM plans, highly welcome to negotiate with our sales person, we can provide you with guaranteed products, and pretty competitive prices. The important thing is, we have a team of experienced hardware and software engineers, who can help users do in-depth industry customization until the customer's expected requirements are met. Browse the BODY WORN CAMERAS category for more details.

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