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Body-Worn Cameras: Improving Law Enforcement Efficiency and Credibility

September 27 , 2023

Officer body-worn cameras (BWCs) are relatively small devices that record interactions between community members (e.g., the public, suspects, and victims) and law enforcement officers. The video and audio recordings from BWCs can be used by law enforcement to demonstrate transparency to their communities; to document statements, observations, behaviors, and other evidence; and to deter unprofessional, illegal, and inappropriate behaviors by both law enforcement and the public.

It is an evidence-collecting device that integrates real-time video and audio recording,photo capature,push to talk,GPS positioning,SOS and  storage functions. It can transmit live streamming through 4G/LTE network, and also digitally record dynamic and static on-site situations, making it convenient for police to use in in various environments for law enforcement.


The camera offers clear vision due to its high-resolution quality. In law enforcement, body-worn cameras (BWCs) are becoming more prevalent, significantly contributing to the market’s growth. With the empowerment of technologies such as 4G 5G big data, the body worn cameras have now evolved into smart multi-functional equipment, bring revolutionary changes to daily operations.



The BWCs can be connected to the docking station for  immediate footage uploading to the Evidence Management Software (EMS) to acquire, store, manages digital evidence  for unified management.


The BWCs transmit real-time data to the dispatch console through the 4G/LTE network and the dispatcher enables remote monitoring,instant audio/video communicate, viewing the live GPS location for real-time feedback and guidance to law enforcement officers.


This Visualized Command and Dispatch Solution helps the dispatcher make a quick response and ensure officer safety and law enforcement efficiency.


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