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4G 5G High Definition Body Worn Camera Comprehensive Solution And Industries Use

November 13 , 2023

Law enforcement personnel are facing more challenges in their daily law enforcement work. They begin to use 4G/5G body worn cameras, which can work as an advanced law enforcement tool. 4G/5G body worn cameras not only effectively promote standardized, fair, and civilized law enforcement, but also effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and safety of police officers. The 4G 5G body worn cameras with poc radio function can record high-definition audio, images and video files on site in real time, and also transfer images or videos in real time. It has global GPS or Beidou positioning capability, and is also a POC radio that can talk to each other in group. Cooperating with the back-end dispatch and command platform system, it can achieve remote dispatch and command functions for outdoor mobile officers. As an advanced law enforcement tool, it is increasingly attracting attention from various industries.


4G 5G high-definition body worn camera comprehensive solution mainly consists of three parts:

4G 5G body worn camera with device APK, dispatch and command  platform software in PC, evidence collection and management docking station, evidence management software.

4G 5G body worn cameras have transformed into networking, systematization, and intelligence, maximizing the comprehensive effectiveness of law enforcement data and easily completing complex law enforcement data supervision work.

4G 5G body worn cameras capture audio, images and videos information, and transmit real-time audio, images and videos to the backend monitoring center through the 4G or WIFI network; Or the collecting docking station uniformly collect, classify, store, archieve and download the audio, images and videose files of the device; The command management and scheduling platform software enables group command and scheduling, real-time video browsing or monitoring, real-time positioning of personnel maps, patrol management, and SOS emergency command. 


Applications and functions of 4G 5G high-definition body worn camera comprehensive solution: 

Due to various unexpected events and group events occur and develop, and command personnel are unable to rush to the scene timely to handle problems. The live video transmission and remote video monitoring function via the 4G network greatly enhances our ability to quickly respond and control various emergency events.



Main functions: 

1. Audio and video recording

4G and 5G body worn cameras have high-definition cameras that can capture high-definition images and videos. These images and videos with clarity and rich details, effectively record the situation at the scene of the case and provide effective evidence for the law enforcement process.

2. Local law enforcement process replay

The 4G 5G body worn cameras can now replay and watch controversial points during the law enforcement process to ensure civilized law enforcement.

3. Real time live video transmission

The on-site images/videos can be transmitted through a 4G wireless network and synchronized in real-time to the monitoring center. Commanders can observe and judge the on-site situation through video/images, and with the reporting of synchronous voice calls, they can quickly grasp the overall situation on site.

4. Two way voice intercom

The command center can achieve real-time two-way voice communication with front-end body worn cameras with poc radio capability through software, facilitating unified command and scheduling.

5. Global real-time positioning

The 4G audio recorder is equipped with GPS positioning to send real-time location information to the command center, facilitating timely dispatch and command, and displaying the specific location of the equipment on the platform's electronic map. You can also query historical action trajectories by date based on the device. And plan and manage patrol tasks.

6. Multi screen monitoring

The command center can simultaneously video monitor multiple front-end individual terminals. It can be set with 1,4, 6,8, 9, 16 and more screens, and the record data of the law enforcement process can also be recorded and saved in the cloud platform management center for subsequent query and playback.


Industries use

4G 5G body worn cameras can be widely used in law enforcement departments, as well as in industries such as security, construction sites, power maintenance, railway inspections, property management, security departments, coal mining, logistics transportation, aviation, tourism, customs, etc. Security personnel can record events that occur during the work process by taking photos or record videos, to improve the work efficiency and service quality of the staff. In the field of electricity, law enforcement recorders can be used for power maintenance and repair work; In the field of logistics, it can be used for cargo tracking, safety monitoring, and driver behavior supervision. The safety management of construction sites can be improved by using body worn cameras to improve work efficiency and safety.

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