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5G Body Worn Camera S1 Revolutionizes Gas Pipeline Inspection for Enhanced Safety

December 23 , 2023

City gas pipelines serve as vital lifelines for urban operations, and any damage to these underground networks poses enormous safety risks to urban life. Focusing on strengthening safety monitoring, warning systems, and risk control for urban gas pipelines, Futian Gas Company has unveiled an integrated platform that provides real-time safety monitoring, automatic risk identification, and timely warnings for construction sites.



On September 10, the Operational Department of the Futian Gas Branch in Shenzhen conducted inspections at a construction site, with each patrol officer equipped with a 5G body-worn camera S1. The 5G BWC terminals are seamlessly integrated into the company's backend system, allowing for visual dispatching and command operations. The intelligent law enforcement recording terminal's backend enables real-time monitoring of patrol activities, on-site video connections, and backend video storage. Leveraging the 5G body worn terminal S1, patrol routes are traceable, and historical patrol events are easily retrievable. In the event of a problem or upon receiving a warning, management personnel can initiate a call to patrol officers through the system. The officers, equipped with video terminals, can respond promptly and proceed to the alarmed location for immediate resolution.


To strengthen the protection of gas pipelines effectively, Shenzhen Gas has implemented a combination of "human defense + technical defense." As of September 11, the company has hired over 400 third-party construction site pipeline protection supervisors, equipped with over 250pcs of 5G body worn cameras. Additionally, more than 20 sets of AI monitoring systems have been installed, 16 pcs of 4G smart helmet H8 have been deployed, and over 12,000 warning signs have been placed along the routes of third-party construction sites and areas with dense personnel. This strategic technological integration aims to enhance the protection of gas pipelines through advanced technical means.

The integration of 5G body-worn cameras has proven instrumental in achieving higher levels of safety, efficiency, and responsiveness in gas pipeline inspections, contributing to the city's overall safety and resilience.

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